Multiplication Bingo
Learn Your Multiplication Tables the Fun Way!

License Agreement for Multiplication Bingo

In the text below, application refers to Multiplication Bingo and the accompanying components. Author refers to Economy-x-Talk and Mark Schonewille, product is defined as any medium that may contain Multiplication Bingo. Other terms are defined by Dutch national law. This text is an agreement between you (the user of the application) and the author. Where applicable, Economy-x-Talk represents the copyright holder Judy Perry, within the scope of this license.

By downloading and installing the application, you agree with the license conditions.

Each license allows for registering the application on one computer. It is not allowed to use the same license key and password on more than one computer simultaneously. You need an additional license for every computer that contains a registered copy of the application. It is not allowed to install a registered copy of the application on a network.

The application and all of its components are copyright protected, cannot be sold as a separate software package by anyone other than the author and cannot be part of any commercial product, such as magazines, shareware collections on cd-rom and the internet, books and promotional artefacts, without a written permit of the author. This restriction also holds if the product is a free gift.

Unregistered copies of the application may be freely distributed in unaltered form, as long as the above restrictions are not violated. The application is shareware. License holders have a right to use the application but the property rights remain with the author. The author and the persons who are mentioned anywhere in the application or documentation are not responsible for any damage that is possibly, allegedly or actually a consequence of the use or storage of the application. Making public any license information, including your user name and password, to any person or organisation other than the author, is strictly prohibited.

Infringements on any of the above conditions will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible. Any flaws in this license agreement do not affect its intention to protect author's property and to safeguard author from any liabilities. The user is aware of and agrees with this intention.

Copyright © 2011 by Judy Perry, Mark Schonewille and Economy-x-Talk, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Portions Copyright © 2000-2009 Runtime Revolution Limited. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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